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June 7th - 9th 2024 - A weekend camp in Chesham

Moving Connections, Contact Improvisation, Dancing, Sharing, Saunas and Camping in Nature!

Welcome to our third year of this unique camping trip inviting us to spend a full weekend together, infused with various connecting practices including Moving Connections, Contact Improvisation, Sharing Circles, Cuddle and Consent workshops plus all the fun of camping, dancing, yummy food, Tim's incredible Hello Sunshine Sauna and of course, each other..


We are incredibly excited to be working with Hello Sunshine Sauna again, to bring you the best of the best in heat, style, comfort and a wonderful welcoming ambience as Tim brings his sweat-inducing world of wonder for us to enjoy.


Bring a tent, a mattress, a hot water bottle, your dancing feet and let's spend a weekend together, co-creating a safe and explorative sense of connecting adventures, in the care of community and surrounded by nature!

Our Moving Connections Camp Facilitators (More coming too!)
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Julia Samel

Moving Connections and Brazilian Forró

Inspired by various freestyle movement and partner dance practices, Moving Connections is a chance to move and be moved, to relax into our bodies and to explore connections through simple exercises that support us to meet and connect without words, in a light and embodied way - and with live Violin from Will too!

Everyone is welcome! There's no skills or experience needed - just an open mind, a little curiosity and the willingness to have a go.

Julia holds a safe and gentle space for us to explore connecting in many ways in partners and groups, using rhythms and various techniques she has learnt through her partner dance experience as well as the freedom and creativity that inspires her from other freestyle forms of movement.



Ecstatic Dance Journey

Jan-Michael is a London-based DJ and producer. His Wild Dancer DJ sets are inspired by ecstatic dance and lean towards high energy, bass heavy tracks across many genres.


Will Street

Live Violin

Playing live violin throughout our Moving Connections sessions, here he is - the one and only Will Street, also available for weddings, funerals, temples and more..

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Laura Doehler

Contact Improvisaton

"Being mindfully and playfully alive while in direct negotiation with what is around me, weaving the trouble with the beautiful.

To me the virtuosity of dance is a matter of awareness and articulation that manifests because we regularly attend to it and share it. 

It is presence that shapes the future.

Physically and verbally, technique manifests because we  inquire, revisit and affirm. I suspend myself between the experiential and the objective. "



Ecstatic Dance

DJ TAORO aka Richard Batts is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance UK. He will lead an embodied journey including juicy warmup exercises followed by an epic magic carpet ride of the best music, skilfully mixed to take the dancer deep into their bodies.


Joanna Zwierzynska

Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk is a Latin dance which began in Brazil during the early 1990s. It originates from a Brazilian dance called Lambada. It's a couple dance where partners look for a deep connection with each other and the music. It's very often danced in close embrace "a hug". Brazilian Zouk characteristic elements are body waves and head movements. There is also lots of improvisation and deep flow which makes it truly magical.


Justin Philpott

Contact Improvisaton

Justin has been dancing Contact Improvisation consistently since 2014 in London, Brighton and across Europe. He started teaching CI in 2018. His movement background is primarily rooted in Thai Massage and Kung Fu and recently has begun studying Contemporary Dance. He is a multidisciplinary mover and listener who is continually learning, having explored other fluidity based arts. The spaces that Justin holds for somatic practices invite the cultivation of grounding, softening, deep listening, awareness, centering, receptivity and fluidity.

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Mike Robeson

Singing & Moving (Nature Songs)

Mike Robeson runs community singing groups all over the UK. Based in Hertfordshire, he started running sessions in 2017. The groups are all about the joy of singing, embracing the philology that singing is for all. You don't need any prior skills to join and experience the depths of harmonies from different traditions from all over the world. Mike teaches African, Celtic and Gospel harmonies and so much more. Come and join and connect yourself, your heart and others in this intimate container of sound.

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Treasure Hooton

Embrace Connections Consent Workshops

Authentic expression and vulnerable connection rely on a foundation of safety and comfort. We are capable of such beautiful authenticity together. Let's build a container that invites and supports intimacy!

Consent 101: Boundaries, Desires and Communication - let's open the Snug Tent together, set the intentions for the space and create a safe container for ourselves and each other to explore creatively, deeply and consensually.

Consent 201: Smoother, Richer Consent  - let's delve into the nuances and enrich our consent practices. What is the best consent modality for us in this moment? How can we communicate better and hold space for others?

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