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Summer Camps

What with Rumbles not taking place until August, we felt to create and offer some special camps that invite us to start our Summers off nicely, Rumble style. 


The first 2 camping events at our Rumble venue in June offer similar structures to Rumble, except these camps are slightly smaller and a little more focused on specific themes.

7th - 9th June 2024

MC Camp SQ.png


Welcome to our third year of this unique camping trip inviting us to spend a full weekend together, infused with various connecting practices including Moving Connections, Contact Improvisation, Sharing Circles, Cuddle and Consent workshops plus all the fun of camping, dancing, yummy food, Tim's incredible Hello Sunshine Sauna and of course, each other..

14th - 16th June  2024

MWI SQ.png


Welcome to this unique and heartfelt offering inviting us to spend a full weekend together, exploring and unravelling our layers through movement, sharing, ritual and tenderness, so that we can blossom and bathe in a sensual bath of delight, knowing there is always a sanctuary, always space for tears, for silence, for love and for pain also.

1st & 8th August  2024

Rumble SQ.png


Imagine a gathering where connection, movement and dance are the focus.


With plenty of space indoors and out, Rumble centres around a lovely community hall with a smooth floor where we can roll and creep, stretch and leap.. Where the music calls and the silence has its own melody.


Our weekend programme includes a range of movement and connection sessions, as well as live music and fantastic DJs,  inviting us to meet and support each other in the gentlest possible way..

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