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Moving Connections is an embodiment practice that includes time to connect with ourselves and others, with choice and care.

We start our sessions with a series of exercises that evolve through different stages or aspects of connection, enabling us to explore and practice all that we can experience while we connect with other human bodies and souls in different ways.

There is always time to reflect, to witness, to notice and to dive into creative and unique ways to meet each other, whether it all feels very new, or somehow familiar,  there can feel so much value in spending this precious time together.

There is also time to explore in a free-flowing way too, so that we have the chance to choose where and how we'd like to be, sometimes with others, sometimes in our own space, always in our own way and always at choice. Every Moving Connections session is different!

..In the language of movement, we can experience a sense  of freedom and nourishment that takes us beyond the logic of words..

if you are one of those people (like me) who loves company, though finds conversations sometimes effortful and draining... knows you have a big heart and would love to connect in a real way with others, yet you're not quite up for the pub or anywhere you feel you have to ask the right questions or be on good form, then come and hang out with us on a Tuesday in Hackney Wick, where you are welcome just as you are, and you don't need to talk or get anything right, yet we can be close and share something of our nature, our hearts, of those precious moments where we can feel seen and cared for..



Starting with a full body scan, we generally begin our sessions by bringing our attention to various areas of the body and welcoming and exploring movement and sensations with gentle guidance



We begin to meet others in the space,  exploring connections as they drop in and out of our dance, meeting others with curiosity and compassion and also knowing we are always at choice.

There is also the invitation to be a witness and bring presence for others.



Eventually the space is open for us to explore and dip in and out of connections as we travel through a journey inspired by a diverse yet gentle mix of sounds. We are welcome to rest and be the witness also.

"I absolutely loved Moving Connections last week: I felt instantly at home, and I think it did me a lot of good! Well done for taking a leap into the unknown and making this happen :)"

"It truly was the most wonderful evening. I so loved the sensual contact through movement and the overall sense of connection with everyone there. It made me realise just how much I’ve missed that over the past few months, lockdown n’all. And partner dancing is just the most awesome thing. Whilst I love Ecstatic Dance, well the ED that I do, it is always alone. Lost in my own world. Dancing with a partner and sensual contact - well!


You have found here, for me anyway, a halfway house between contact impro and solo dancing. It is very subtle and you can give or take from it whatever you need. Contact impro looks like all in wrestling by comparison for me. :-)


What I also enjoyed was when all the people I wanted to dance with (and vice versa) were done, it was ok to just move around the floor, lost in my own world, but feeling safe and still connected, and occasionally another dance partner came along who it just felt right with."

"The way in which you create the sessions with your guidance allows me to relax enough to drop my tendancy of trying to force some way of moving that I think is good but creates disconnection with the other person and what really feels good.

Out of that little death is born a freshness and excitement as I feel a shared aliveness and from there I usually perform my best too, meeting my original goal that I had to drop earlier!

Your sessions have the depth of all your experience and passion beautifully joined."


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