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About Julia

Julia is an absolute lover of dance, in mind, body and soul! She is a community builder and the organiser of several regular events and Summer camps that support us to connect and explore life's mysteries, through movement, relating and simply being together, in different wild and wonderful ways.

Julia's specialist dance form is the Brazilian partner dance of Forró, which she has been practicing and teaching for over 15 years as part of London's most popular Forró night, Forró Family.


She has more recently expanded her offerings to incorporate elements of other movement practices as she shares her passion for Moving Connections in a variety of welcoming and refreshing ways, both at weekly events in London and also at various annual festivals such as Buddhafields, Osho Leela Intimacy gathering and at her own creation, Rumble!


She has undertaken many dance training programmes over the last 20 years including a year-long self enquiry through Moving Soul, Ecstatic Awakening teacher training, Dance Medicine Facilitator training, Counselling and more. 


Julia strongly believes everyone and everyone can dance. She loves to inspire and support individuals and groups to move through any obstacles that can arise, trusting that through listening and following the wisdom of our bodies, we have all the tools we need to enjoy the great benefits and opportunities for growth that dancing can bring to us, both as individuals and also in community.

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