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June 12th - 14th 2023- A weekend camp in Chesham

Connecting with our Sensual Selves through Movement, Intimacy, Presence, Saunas and Camping in Nature! 

Welcome to our second year of this special journey through movement and connections with intimacy! - Connecting with our Sensual Selves through Movement, Intimacy, Presence, Saunas and Camping in Nature!
Brought to you by the Organisers of Rumble and Moving Connections! Tickets are ON SALE Now!

Welcome to this unique and heartfelt offering inviting us to spend a full weekend together, exploring and unravelling our layers through movement, sharing, ritual and tenderness, so that we can blossom and bathe in a sensual bath of delight, knowing there is always a sanctuary, always space for tears, for silence, for love and for pain also.

There'll be a spacious yet full programme of activities offered with choice and the freedom to explore through various connecting practices including Moving Connections, Embodied Presence, Sharing Circles, Cuddle and Consent workshops PLUS some delicious opportunities to delve into our more sensual selves through our special Saturday evening Temple Ritual and various Intimate offerings in our Snug space also.

There'll be plenty of Support and Reflection time plus all the fun of camping, dancing, yummy food, Tim's incredible Hello Sunshine Sauna and of course, each other..

Our Full Programme will be available soon

We also have available some docs we'd love you to read, to support us over the weekend:

Our Self Care Guide - An opportunity to tune in to your personal journey
Our Ways to say no and stay connect
ed - Some inspirations for saying no in a thoughtful way
Our Moving with Intimacy Camp Facilitators (more to come too)
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Gayatri Beegan

Ritual of Release & Renewal and Our Temple Night Opening

What if the capacity to expand into love, joy and ecstasy is only as deep and wide as the capacity to meet the pain, anger and sadness of existence?


Supported by the twin pillars of community and ceremony, this is a space to compost the debris of life and challenging feelings that might hamper being fully present and connected to yourself and others. To see what can flourish from the fertile soil of rightfully expressed feeling. It’s a “shower for the Soul”.

Gayatri is known as an Erotic Mystic * Sacred Initiatrix * Pleasure Activist

Gayatri works and dwells in the intersection between sacred sexuality, spiritual devotion, and Earth activism. Since 2012 she has been a guide for hundreds of people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and sensual awakening. Known for her refreshingly natural and joyful approach, Gayatri is a full earth-bound goddess. Central to her work is grounding in safety, cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the Sacred.

Deeply moved by the current state of the world, Gayatri offers spaces of community and ceremony to process our collective pain in life-affirming and enlivening ways.

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Eshana Spiers

Sacred Snuggles

Eshana's calling in life is to support people to embrace the natural beauty and power of their sexuality in a safe and loving way. Welcoming and nourishing the different aspects of our inner world so that we can return to our innate wholeness.

Eshana is a trauma informed Psychosexual Somatics Coach, Menstrual Educator and Relationships and Sexual Educator for young people and yes….a Cuddle Queen.

Sacred Snuggles are an offering to meet the sacred in ourselves and in each other, connecting with our hearts and the innocence of our sensuality. This lightly structured space will support your nervous system to settle and integrate the day’s experiences, welcoming stillness, welcoming sensuality, welcoming you as you are.  

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Julia Samel

Moving Connections 

Through her own creation of the movement practice of "Moving Connections", Julia invites us to  move and be moved, to relax into our bodies and to explore physical connections and all that arises as we meet without words, in a light and embodied way.

Julia offers a safe and gentle space for us to explore connecting with care and respect for each other, and most importantly with the choice and freedom to choose how and when we are in contact with others and when we feel to be alone.


Emma Buggy

Meeting in Intimacy

Emma is a Relationship coach and facilitator of Compassionate and Authentic Relating (aka Nonviolent Communication). She loves to bring people together and create warm and sensual connections between humans by inviting awareness, presence, curiosity, vulnerability, honesty and play into human relating. Her work invites you to dive into a space of deep listening and honest reflection with yourself and others, cultivating awareness and finding your own language of curiosity that supports you to speak your heart’s and body's desires, needs and vulnerabilities.

Emma facilitates workshops in Nonviolent Communication as a way of building a community of humans who embody a language of life that supports compassion and authenticity to flow between them. She also supports individuals and couples to explore relationship dynamics, inner child work, body empathy and needs based coaching as ways to find clarity and awareness of where we get stuck, so that living from the heart becomes more tangible. 


Her workshop will explore coming into intimate connection with yourself before opening up to others and exploring connection, desire and the energy of eros together. Emma will guide you through a series of exercises to support you in noticing your body's desires and reactions to connecting sensually and playfully with yourself and others.

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Ayla Tlarbar

Naked Breathwork & Nourishment Through Divine Touch

Isik Tlabar is an intuitive coach, breathwork facilitator, sexological bodyworker and the creator of Naked Breathwork™.


She has worked with hundreds of people connecting them to who they are so they can live in alignment with their truth. Her mission is to deepen people into their essence, power and purpose.


She has 15 years of experience of personal and spiritual development - psychology, creative development, shadow and energy work, alchemy, shamanic practices, sacred sexuality, conscious kink, breath work and conscious dance practices.


She’ll be holding two workshops:

Naked Breathwork™ - a space to reclaim our power, come back to our wholeness and express all of ourselves.


Nourishment Through Divine Touch - a space to be held, soften, give and receive love and nourishment through touch.


Anahata Grant 

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and DJ

Grant plays music from the heart, with lots of highs and lots of lows also.  He creates a sound journey thats takes people on an emotional roller coaster ride, bringing in lots of the Devine Feminine and the Devine Masculine with plenty of room for release.

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Priya Tourkow

Coming From Love

I'm a psychotherapist working mainly with couples and am passionate about relationships, both with ourselves and others. When we come from a place of love, everything moves and changes, even when it's difficult. Sometimes, there are situations when loving ourselves has to take priority.


In this 90 mins session, I will invite you to explore being with and moving your body with an emphasis on coming from love. Then, to meet others from this place of love within you. How will this enhance the quality of your connections, whether you know or have never met those you encounter?


Letting your heart be your connection tool creates a deep foundation on which to build deep friendships and partnerships.

This could be a moving and loving experience for you.


Bav Mandora

Qi Gong - Awaken, Release and Ground!

The Qi flow state - Let's introduce movement gently and playfully.  It's not mindless work outs, it’s mindful movement.  We start with the meridian warm up shaking, stretching and following our breath.  Followed by 8 trigram sequence to restore stability, increase joint mobility and detoxify the organs.  


We alchemise with the elements and end with a visualisation and intention practice to set us up for the day

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Bela Emerson

Live Cello and Support

Bela is a highly experienced, skilled, and versatile improvising cellist. She uses her beautiful instrument’s full sonic and emotional range to hold and build creative and connective space, for people to explore and be playful together in the moment.  

Bela makes responsive cello soundscapes for and inspired by movement jams, temple spaces, and for intimacy / playspaces (inc. Touch & Play, Liquid Love). 

Bela works as a professional musician to promote connection, healing, and transformation – plus performing (eg: BBC, Sydney Opera House, Glastonbury, Buddhafield). Her day-to-day work is varied: music for premature babies, interactive music sessions with refugees, singing and soundmaking workshops, training medical students to use music in their practice. She also collaborates extensively with other types of artists, eg: dancers, acrobats, filmmakers.  

Holding sound-based space for self-expression, discovery, integration, and belonging is Bela's purpose and joy.   


Will Street

Live Violin and Support

Will's gently alluring violin is happy jamming along with almost any style and feeling of sound, and will be on hand to awaken our senses to its call...


Will has performed with artists ranging from Shirley Horn to Steven Tyler, and is happiest when able to inspire others through his passion for music.

Our Moving Connections session will feature a carefully curated soundtrack to lift and entice our senses, with Will's live violin impressions inviting us to explore new realms of wonder..

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